GMR Marine Lifting Services

Reliable, cost effective transport across the United Kingdom.

Providing customers with a complete boat and modular building transport.

Servicing private individuals and trade support transport services. 

Our friendly and professional drivers are experienced at loading and unloading all types of Marine goods and cargo, offering a fast and effective hassle free delivery/collection service. All our drivers hold HGV class 1 licenses and our lorries and cradles are built to fit any size and shape of boat, so they can be delivered safely and securely.

Transport and Lifting Services

  • Boat Transport
  • Plant machinery 
  • Safe removals 
  • Shipping containers, 2 x 20ft containers can be transported on our lorries at once, or single 30ft container
  • Modular buildings, Work Shop, Office, School (temporary) classrooms
  • 53tonne crane hire

  • Our lorries are fitted with 53tonne meter cranes, meaning no extra chargers for crane hire. Having these facilities means we can lift from where ever your goods are sited (access depending) and deliver them to their new destination, at a time that suits you. 

Using GMR means you can be guaranteed;

  • To receive quick competitive prices 
  • Professional and reliable drivers with years of experience 
  • Our own HIAB lift services 
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • Transportation and quotes available 7 days a week
  • Delivery available with short notice request from customers
  • The stress and hassle to be taken out of transportation
Clear access is required at delivery and collection points due to the size and length of our vehicles. If there are any known difficulties e.g. narrow lanes, unpaved roads, tight B lanes, off road, tight bends, overhanging low trees or low/narrow bridges, we must be informed prior to transportation. 

All loads are checked to ensure they are safe for transport. 

Boat transportation, it is crucial certain checks are made. 

All ornaments and unsecured items inside the boat should be placed on the floor or on the beds and covered with cushions, delicate items should be protected or removed to ensure no damage. Team members do carry out safety checks to ensure items are secure but it is not their responsibility. 
Gas bottles and batteries should be turned off and isolated. As well hazardous materials should be removed for obvious safety reasons. 
Radio aerials and radar arcs should be lowered or removed to ensure they are not damaged or lost. 
In almost all circumstances boat canopies should be removed, if the owner is there at collection, we would ask for it to be moved prior to collection if deemed necessary. If the owner is not present at collection and it is felt safest for it to be removed a team member will carefully remove it and store it till delivery. canopies have obvious damage implications, but also torn or loose canvas' could become detached and cause havoc with traffic.
Ropes and fenders should be stowed safetly
These tasks should normally be carried out by the owner, but our drivers and assistants will help to ensure safe transportation. 

Loading procedures are essential for all collections to ensure safety. 

All our lorries are fitted with cranes and drivers and trained to use these, to make loading easier, and making us self sufficient. Although some Boatyards and Marinas insist that they load and/or unload the goods. They supply their own crane or hoist and have a crew of qualified operatives to load and unload.  

Boats are placed onto a cradle to ensure they are safe and secure. 

The travelling height of the load is carefully measured, ensuring that the vehicle will pass safely along the selected route and pass under all bridges. 

The potential damage caused by low branches of trees is risky. Hence why we remove canopies and other vulnerable items from the load to try to reduce damage. 

After ensuring everything on the load is safely stored away, and for boats the ropes and fenders are secure, the load is strapped on to the lorry. 

Frequent stops are taken at the start of the journey to ensure everything is safe.